From press conferences to grand openings, CMPG values both paid and earned media relationships to secure substantial coverage for our clients. We work closely with our clients to create stories for placement and opportunities for in-depth interviews. By delving into the client’s marketing and event objectives, we are able to come up with newsworthy angles that will generate interest.


We are well-connected with most media partners in the community. These relationships have developed over the past 20 years, through long term community involvement, business relationship, as well as joint event sponsorships. We optimize our client’s plan to ensure we meet impressions’ goal and deliver the strongest connection with target audience.  


CMPG suggests the most suitable community and cultural events to participate in based on our clients’ business and the specifics of their target audience. To make sure that our client stands out from the crowd, we make every effort to highlight strengths and uniqueness.


Providing a live event marketing experience where consumers interact with the product face to face. Experiential marketing generates more leads/ROI and is one of the most effective media to influence consumers’ brand perception and purchase considerations.


Out-of-home advertising reaches people on the go. Advertising elements have the flexibility to be creatively mixed and collaborated to deliver/amplify the multi-dimensional communication messages, generate the most impact/visibility and maximize the advertising efforts.  Some forms can be highly targeted to allow reach of a niche audience of fans.


Grassroots are an effective way to deliver brand message and market to specific consumers. Our Street Team delivers direct marketing to consumers with collateral or flyer distributions and conducting surveys in all markets across the United States.

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